2019 World Coffee Roasting Championship heads to Taiwan

World Coffee Events (WCE) confirmed that the World Coffee Roasting Championship (WCRC) will take place in Taiwan, from 15 to 18 November at the 2019 Taiwan International Coffee Show (TICS). More than 20 competitors from across the globe will gather to compete in a series of rounds covering multiple styles of roasting. Competitors will be judged in three categories including green coffee evaluation, a production roast assessment, and a sensory analysis evaluation of their roasted coffee. All competitors will roast the same green coffee and will use the same equipment from Giesen roasters. The WCRC is the newest and fastest growing World Coffee Championship competition. The WCE says there’s a lot of excitement about the event returning to Asia, as the TICS brings more than 190,000 coffee trade visitors each year. 2018 WCRC winner, Vladimir Nenashev of Mosaic Coffee in Russia, finished with a score of 486.25 out of 672, with a three-point margin over runner up Yoshiyuki Nakamura of Japan. The WCRC debuted in 2013 in, Nice France. Now in its seventh year, the WCRC recognises excellence in coffee roasting, evaluating competitors on their coffee evaluation, preparation, blending and roasting skills. For more information on the WCRC, visit Image credit: World Coffee Events

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