4C Regional Stakeholder Conference focuses on sustainability and coffee exports

4C Regional Stakeholder Conference

The 4C Regional Stakeholder Conference on ‘New Requirements for Coffee Exports and Latest Developments in Sustainability Certification’ took place at the Royal Palm Plaza Resort on 13 June.

The event offered the 170 coffee and sustainability professionals as well as Government officials the opportunity to engage with prominent stakeholders, gain insights from industry experts, and contribute to meaningful discussions.

The conference provided a platform for attendees to immerse themselves in an informative and enriching experience. With a focus on fostering collaboration and providing valuable networking opportunities, the event facilitated connections among professionals in the coffee and sustainability field. It served as a catalyst for new partnerships and knowledge exchange, reinforcing the commitment to driving sustainable practices in the industry. Throughout the event, industry-leading experts guided thought-provoking discussions, shedding light on the implications of the latest advancements in sustainability regulations and requirements.

Key topics included a comprehensive exploration of the forthcoming No-Deforestation regulation in the EU, with a particular focus on the requirements for compliance. Attendees also gained insights through in-depth analysis and innovative approaches to the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

Notable figures and industry-leading experts from the Brazilian coffee sector shared their insights, including representatives from Cecafé, the State Secretary of Agriculture of Espírito Santo, the Executive President of CNC Brazil, and distinguished global coffee and sustainability experts from organisations like the International Coffee Organization, Global Coffee Platform, Meo Carbon Solutions, and Global Risk Assessment Services.

Registration for the next 4C Regional Stakeholder Conference in Bogota, Colombia on 31 August 2023 is now open.

For more information, visit the conference website.

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