4C Services achieves FSA equivalence recognition


4C Services, a third-party sustainability certification system for the coffee and cocoa sector, has achieved equivalence recognition against the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) Version 3.0.

“We are honoured to receive the FSA Gold Level Equivalence recognition from the SAI Platform for our commitment to promoting sustainable practices in coffee production and supply chains,” says 4C Services Managing Director Norbert Schmitz.

“This achievement reflects our ongoing efforts to drive positive impact in the sector and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future.”

The SAI Platform is a global organisation committed to advancing sustainable agriculture practices, and its FSA is a comprehensive tool that evaluates sustainability performance across various agricultural sectors.

4C Services certification operates on a model in which certified groups of farmers constantly work toward reaching the next highest sustainability level. This means certified groups of farmers need to comply with increasingly thorough and strict criteria over subsequent certification cycles.

Based on this system, 4C Services has achieved FSA Gold Level Equivalence for its certification standard for sustainability level 3, and FSA Silver Level Equivalence for sustainability level 1.

The FSA Gold Level Equivalence recognition is granted to organisations that demonstrate exceptional performance in implementing sustainable practices, aligning with the SAI Platform’s standards.

“I would like to congratulate 4C Services on their benchmarking equivalence to the FSA,” says FSA Manager, SAI Platform Joe Iveson.

“The Gold Level Equivalence of level 3 exemplifies 4C’s commitment to thriving and sustainable coffee and cocoa sectors. With this also being the first coffee-specific benchmark against FSA 3.0, it also shows that 4C continues to be a leader.”

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