Franke’s PrecisionFoam technology stars in Mytico Line


Franke discusses its PrecisionFoam technology, and how the Mytico line is versatile to best suit baristas with different levels of experience.

When Host Milano roles around every two years, there’s a certain level of anticipation and expectation of the new technology and innovation to be unveiled at the world-renowned exhibition. In that time frame, engineers, and research and development teams have worked tirelessly to present something that not only gets spectators talking, but has a functionality that provides a solution to a common industry issue, or one the industry doesn’t even know it has until a better idea is presented.

For Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Franke, the event was an opportunity to present the newest generation of the company’s coffee machine suite, the Mytico Line. It features the Due and Vario machines that aim to serve two different user types, yet still allows for consistency with each coffee produced.

“The Due opts for a classical two-step approach, where the barista can decide how they want to froth their milk, fully automatic or in the traditional way for pouring latte art,” says Franke Product Manager Lubos Petrasko. “It requires a higher skillset of the user, while the Vario has features and functionalities that allow a lesser trained staff member to produce the same consistent quality of drink for the customer.”

One functionality that helps support the barista is the company’s PrecisionFoam technology. New to the Mytico Vario model, and launched at Host Milano, this feature allows the barista to produce milk foam in the desired quantity, temperature and consistency.

“The PrecisionFoam technology uses accurate flowmeters that dispense the correct pre-programmed quantity of milk mixed with the correct amount of air,” Petrasko says. “The built-in FoamMaster technology guarantees the perfect foam texture and consistency every time.

“The user can produce the milk foam without having to think about when they should take the steam [wand] out of the jug.”

The Vario PrecisionFoam is customisable in terms of milk temperature, amount and consistency. It can be pre-set in the Vario’s setting over the touch screen and saved so that the barista can access various foam profiles, from latte art to extra hot latte or even dry cappuccino.

“For example, if you have a type of foam you use the most for latte art, you can alter the foam profile and achieve that foam every time,” Petrasko says.

For latte art, users can choose whether they set the machine to dispense the foam from the PrecisionFoam spout straight into a jug, or use the automatic steam wand to froth at the pre-set profile. A direct one-step preparation can be executed over the two coffee modules.

“It all depends on the theatrics [you want to achieve],” Petrasko says.
He says this PrecisionFoam technology with lever controls unites components of the machine’s automatic features with the traditional method of preparing milk-based coffee.

“Each lever can trigger two assigned actions by either being pushed up or pulled down,” he says. “[The lever] provides an extended user interface that gives the barista different levels of flexibility and time via pre-programmed shortcuts.”

In this way, the Mytico Vario provides the user with options, and allows them to decide just how involved they would like to be in the coffee making process.

“Mytico Vario allows baristas to decide when they can prepare a drink in a more traditional way, and when they may need to rely on automation,” Petrasko says.

“Coffee drinkers appreciate and associate the whole action of the preparation with high coffee quality. We wanted to maintain this aspect [in the Vario].”

It also gives the barista more control and time to address other elements of customer experience.

“With automation, we can support the barista to be more efficient,” Petrasko says. “You can go with the traditional path, or you can have the machine work for you.”

Another new feature of the Mytico line, as featured at Host Milan, is the inclusion of a second cooling unit in the Vario machine.

“Each cooling unit can have either one large 12-litre container or two smaller 4.5-litre containers,” Petrasko says.

“This gives us a wide range of possibilities on what quantities of milk each machine is stocking up, as well as how many milk types per coffee module or machine can be made available as a resource.”

Thanks to the company’s IndividualMilk Technology, each milk type is prepared separately, resulting in no cross contamination.

Having this versatility is paramount for the barista, according to Franke Brand Ambassador and 2023 Irish Barista Champion, Wojciech Tysler.

“With Mytico Vario, you can serve up to four delicious coffees at the same time,” Tysler says. “All it takes is a simple press of a button or the pulling down of a Barista Lever. The machine is an excellent choice for high-end bakeries, coffee shops, hotels, and any establishment where owners face challenges with staffing and training baristas.”

With workflow management being a constant concern in cafés, Tysler says the time spent training new baristas can be minimised when operating with the Mytico line.

“Even if the machine and grinder are set up correctly on a traditional machine, there are still 11 steps involved in traditional espresso preparation,” he says.

“With Mytico, you set up the recipe just once, and advanced technologies inside the machine control all aspects of coffee extraction, effectively handling all 11 steps for us, meaning even an inexperienced person can easily make a delicious coffee, day after day.”

Tysler says these technologies, including Franke’s PrecisionFoam, help the barista achieve consistency, which is key to a successful operation.

“Instead of constantly monitoring every extraction, yield and dose, the user can now dedicate more valuable time to their customers, allowing them to provide a truly exceptional coffee experience,” he says.

“Franke’s PrecisionFoam technology gives me an extra pair of hands. Instead of having to fill up the jug with fresh milk every time and then steam. I have a ready, silky, shiny milk just with a pull of the lever.”

Tysler adds that the versatility of milk preparation over the Franke Barista Levers provides an authentic barista-style process.

“[The levers] not only provide that dynamic and visually appealing barista ambience but are also incredibly convenient,” he says. “You can effortlessly pre-set your favourite milk options, and with the simple pull of a lever, the machine works its magic.”

Tysler says some customers may prefer their cappuccinos with a “touch of class complete with extra foam”, while others may lean towards a “third wave coffee experience”, but regardless of the preference, the Vario has the flexibility to cater to all taste preferences.

“Mytico is the ultimate tool to ensure every coffee lover gets exactly what they desire,” he says.

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This article was first published in the November/December 2023 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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