About Us

Prime Creative Media launched Global Coffee Report in April 2011 with the aim of promoting, growing and informing the global coffee industry through the provision of the most relevant and current information, and in-depth analysis from the sector’s most influential voices.

Since its launch, Global Coffee Report has attracted the attention of industry leaders the world over, and continues to be an authoritative voice and relevant business news source covering the topics that matter to the international coffee market.

Each edition, the magazine highlights exclusive interviews with the some of the coffee world’s top performing global roasters and leading manufacturers. It celebrates the evolution of technology, science and innovation, analyses market trends and insights with in-depth reports, and monitors the development of key projects that will strengthen the future of the industry across the value chain.

Global Coffee Report remains dedicated to delivering the highest quality independent content that covers the issues that affect and shape the global coffee industry. Its audience comprises the current and future leaders of the industry.

Prime Creative Media is Australia’s largest B2B Publisher, specialising in integrated marketing communications in high-growth industries, based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Since being established in 2002, Prime Creative Media has grown into a respected and highly regarded business that is known for its professionalism, marketing expertise, and value added approach to customer service.

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