ACE announces Best of Yemen 2022

Best of Yemen

Qima Coffee and the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) have announced plans to host the Best of Yemen 2022 auction to celebrate and showcase Yemeni coffee.

To highlight and celebrate Yemeni coffee’s role in promoting peace and development in Yemen, this year’s auction theme will be ‘Catalysing Peace and Prosperity’, and is planned to go live on 9 August, 2022.

“We’ve been working closely with Qima Coffee for the last four years through ACE’s Private Collection Auction series with the ultimate ambition of giving all Yemeni farmers an accessible platform to reach premium markets,” says Executive Director Darrin Daniel.

“The Best of Yemen is a step in that direction and given our past experience in other countries struggling through conflicts. This competition and auction sheds immense light and ultimately motivates buyers to learn more about Yemen.”

ACE’s Private Collection Auction was established as part of the organisation’s mission of rewarding exemplary coffee farmers and supporting farmer inclusion and access to premium markets.

After running a series of successful Yemen-focused auctions, Qima Coffee and ACE launched the Best of Yemen auction program last year. The aim is to facilitate market access for Yemen’s entire coffee farming community.

“As part of our commitment to supporting peace and development, we will be donating 10 per cent of auction proceeds to the Qima Foundation to fund an upcoming development project in one of Yemen’s most conflict-stricken regions,” says Founder and CEO of Qima Coffee, Faris Sheibani.

For more information, visit the Alliance for Coffee Excellence or Qima Coffee website.

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