ACE announces Best of Yemen 2023

Best of Yemen 2023

Qima Coffee and the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) have announced plans to host the fifth instalment of the Best of Yemen auction series. Plans are underway for the auction to go live on 8 August.

“The Best of Yemen is not only honouring the incredible work of Yemeni coffee farmers, but also helping to make a positive change to Yemen’s most vulnerable communities and we are glad to be part of the process,” says Cup of Excellence Auction Manager Kathia Lopez.

This year’s instalment of the auction will be centred around the theme of ‘Cultivating Innovation’, and the auction will be used as a platform to highlight the critical role of innovation and research and development in growing a sustainable coffee sector and improving lives and livelihoods.

“For the Best of Yemen 2023, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate the innovation coming out of Yemen’s coffee industry, and the impact it’s had on farmer lives and livelihoods,” says Founder and CEO of Qima Coffee Faris Sheibani.

Qima Coffee will donate 10 per cent of auction proceeds to the Qima Foundation, with this year’s donation going to fund research and development programs supporting Yemen’s coffee sector.

The Best of Yemen, considered Yemen’s largest and most successful auction series, was launched by Qima Coffee and ACE with the aim of establishing Yemen’s first national private auction and facilitating market access for Yemen’s entire coffee farming community. The program is open to all and was developed as a platform for any coffee farmer in Yemen to submit coffees for participation with equal opportunity to have their coffees amongst the winning lots.

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