ACE announces the Taiwan Private Collection Auction

Private Collection Auction

On behalf of the Taiwanese Council of Agriculture and the Taiwanese Agriculture and Food Agency, Taiwan Coffee Laboratory and Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) have announced the 2022 Taiwan Private Collection Auction (PCA).

This auction will be the first in a series of three PCA’s over three consecutive years. This year’s auction will place a heavy emphasis on the Taiwanese producers’ ability to improve and adapt.

“The success of PCA in 2021 convinced Taiwanese coffee producers that larger lot sizes can be economically profitable as long as they maintain excellence in quality and flavour,” says Krude Lin, Chairperson of Coffee Industrial Alliance of Taiwan.

Those producers who submitted samples for last year’s PCA have worked tirelessly over the course of the year to improve the qualities of their coffees with the intention of demonstrating to the world the caliber of Taiwanese specialty coffee.

There will also be new participants in the competition this year, encouraged to enter after last year’s successful auction. With the increase in participants this year, and focus on careful cultivation and processing, quality is expected to increase.

The 2021 auction marked the first Taiwanese origin-focused auction for ACE. It resulted in an average price of US$94.50 per pound for the nine winning lots spread among 20 companies and seven countries, signaling strong international demand. Domestic demand was also prominent with the winning lot purchased for US$500.50 per pound by a Taiwanese bidding group.

“Taiwanese importers are some of the biggest buyers at international coffee auctions, and Taiwanese roasters and baristas’ pursuit of quality has repeatedly been proven at World Coffee Events and various international championships,” says Lin.

“The many interruptions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic ironically became opportunities for many to rediscover locally produced coffee. Many roasters have since established partnerships with local producers. The 2022 PCA will be the perfect opportunity to showcase the results of their collaborations.”

The 2022 Taiwan Private Collection Auction’s national jury stage starts this month with 25 experienced cuppers from the island evaluating the submissions to choose 20 preliminary winners.

Then, ACE’s Global Coffee Centers representing 35 jurists, 15 companies, and nine countries, will select the winning coffees to be auctioned on June 30th.

Sample sets are now available for pre-sale on ACE’s site:

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