ACE cancels 2019 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence

Cup of Excellence (COE) orgnaniser the Alliance for Coffee Excellence has announced that due to the political crisis in Nicaragua, it is forced to cancel the 2019 Nicaragua COE. Sanctions, safety concerns and sporadic violence since April 2018 throughout the country have made it impossible for the Cup of Excellence to operate effectively. “Our hearts go out to the entire country, but as Executive Director, I must see to the safety of our staff, consulting contractors and the international jury. Recent reports have accused the government of detaining NGO (non-governmental organisation) aid workers and many journalists. ACE made every attempt to hold a competition with a jury made of its membership in Portland, Oregon but a lack of funding made this impossible,” ACE Executive Director Darrin Daniel says. In 2018, ACE had to make an emergency decision to have winning lots shipped to the United States to get ahead of export issues due to numerous road blocks and protests.  ACE hopes to work towards restoring the program in 2020. COE has conducted 15 competitions dating back to 2002 and Nicaragua was the third country to join in the history of the 20-year-old organisation. The Asociación de Cafés de Nicaragua (ACEN) has announced it will launch a special project in support of its farmers. For more information, click here.  In December 2018, Reuters reported that Nicaraguan lawmakers blocked five NGOs that were critical of President Daniel Ortega from formally operating. The government had previously blocking five others, including a prominent human rights group. For more information, visit

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