ACE lifts COE minimum score

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) has raised the minimum score for the Cup of Excellence (COE) champion coffees from 85 to 87. ACE Chairperson Geoff Watts says the decision to increase the score threshold was made in order to challenge coffee professionals to continue developing their craft. “It was time to raise the bar,” said Watts. “Baristas and roasters have elevated their game, and are operating with unprecedented precision, and a new level of appreciation for intrinsic quality in coffee.” Watts said the producing world is following suit and making progress towards getting the most out of their crops. “The global appetite for coffees of excellent quality has grown and coffee farmers have responded,” he said. ACE Board Member Will Young said that programs such as COE have contributed to a higher concentration of specialty coffee being available. “It is becoming relatively easy to access 85 – 86.5 scoring coffees on the market, as our industry seeks these coffees and rewards the farmers with higher prices for their commitment to quality,” said Young. ACE is in the process of developing a new purchasing platform, where the coffees that score below 87 will be available to buy. “The coffees will be sold at above premium prices for the farmers through an online store, which will be accessible to all who are keen to purchase top-tier coffees that passed the national jury, and scored highly by the international jury,” he says. Young said ACE is expecting the revised format to increase the pay-off for producers. “The COE champions will represent the highest, most exceptional level of expertise in the world,” he says. “The prices for the farmers are predicted to be much higher for these champion coffees as a result.”

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