Alliance of Coffee Excellence to host live online coffee auction

The 2014 Colombia Cup of Excellence Competition winning coffees will be available for purchase in a live online auction on 21 October. An international jury decided on the 34 Colombian winners to be sold around the world in the Alliance of Coffee Excellence auction. Over 840 entries went through the Pre-Selection stage of the competition, with the jury cupping for two weeks. The jury then passed 150 to the National Round, of which 34 were chosen for the Colombian competition. “The diversity of flavour profiles among the winners showed the jury the complexity of the distinct growing regions of Colombia,” said Chris Wade, Cup of Excellence Head Judge, in a statement. “The jury picked up interesting, new, and exotic profiles in some of the winners; notes of eucalyptus, mint and sparkling acidity.” Wade said there were also profiles with heavy stone fruit as well as the classic Colombian profiles that show bright, citric acidity with hints of lime, and a finish of chocolate and caramel.
The International Jury was made up of a diverse group of cuppers from around the world representing Norway, Austria, Germany, Greece, United States, Bulgaria, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, and Australia. “I look forward to seeing who takes some of these exceptional coffees home to present to their customers from the auction,” said Wade, in the statement. “The Colombian farmers have some amazing coffees to bid on.”

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