Almost half of UK café customers prefer dining in: BRITA reports

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Research from water filtration company BRITA has shown that 48 per cent of coffee drinkers in the United Kingdom prefer to sit in cafés instead of ordering takeout.

BRITA professional studied 2000 consumers across the UK to find their café preferences.

“Coffee shop owners have a tough job to do in getting all the right ingredients in place to foster a beautiful, inspirational atmosphere for their customers,” says BRITA Professional Sales Director Samantha Scoles.

“At BRITA Professional, we want to support our creative coffee shop customers by supplying the latest insights into what customers are looking for. By developing spaces that further creativity and innovation, you’ll succeed in creating a space that customers want to visit again and again.”

Additionally, 29 per cent believe cafés are a great space in which to get creative and productive.

The study indicates that café customers are looking for a “home from home” feeling, usually wanting internet and charging stations for their work. Low level music, natural lighting, and comfortable seating are all contributors to a creative atmosphere.

BRITA says people are seeking the comfort of home combined with an inspiring, creative ambience, while the highest proportion of customers are most productive as they head towards lunch with 28 per cent being most productive mid-morning.

To construct the ideal creative atmosphere, participants in the study say cafés need to have background noise at a low level (according to 36 per cent of participants). Popular music choices include pop (19 per cent), classical (17 per cent) and rock (12 per cent).

Seventy-two per cent of participants prefer natural lighting in their creative space, while 34 per cent say armchairs and sofas are the most conductive seating choice for inspiration.

The most desired elements participants would include for a café to become a creative space for innovation are reliable free wi-fi (53 per cent), windows (47 per cent), and comfy furniture (44 per cent).

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