Alterra Coffee Roasters announces 100 per cent independent certification

Alterra Coffee Roasters has announced that all of its coffee is now 100 per cent independently certified by either the Rainforest Alliance or UTZ Certified. A business unit of Mars Drinks, Alterra Coffee Roasters had previously only earned the Rainbow Alliance seal for select offerings. Having achieved 100 per cent certification for Alterra, Mars Drinks is now working to reach the same threshold for its Flavia Brewers brand in the United States. “Sustainability is no longer optional for us. We need to open our eyes to what needs to be done to protect the planet for future generations. Our customers are asking us to evolve and to become more sustainable,” said Mars Drinks President, Xavier Unkovic, in a statement. “I am a strong believer that today, corporations have the power and the responsibility to bring about change, and we at Mars Drinks are committed to pioneering in this area. Sustainability is not only good for the planet, it drives business performance.” A new campaign, Mars Drinks’ Impact on Earth, showcases Mars Drinks’ efforts to source its coffee beans in a sustainable manner. This includes the commitment that the coffee sourced by the company is responsibly produced, with respect for the environment and the workers in the supply chain. The Mars Drinks’ Impact on Earth campaign highlights the positive effects that sustainable practices can have on the lives of farmers and their families and the environment, and the impact for consumers. On its new website, Mars Drinks will feature a video illustrating the journey of the coffee bean from its origin in Colombia, Sumatra, Ethiopia or elsewhere; photos and clips of farmers’ harvesting each bean from independently certified farms; and the difference sustainability makes in the working conditions and wages of farm hands and other workers along the supply chain.

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