American coffee company announces major rebranding

United States-based company Royal Cup Coffee & Tea has announced the completion of a strategic rebranding initiative across its product portfolio. Royal Cup has consolidated several existing brands into a new family of four core brand identities: Prideland, Royal Cup Signature, Roar and H.C. Valentine. “The rebranding of Royal Cup’s product portfolio was a purposeful, 18-month strategic endeavour to enhance the value of our goods and services, bolster our growth both nationally and internationally and position Royal Cup as an industry leader now and into the future” “Thanks to Royal Cup’s culture of ongoing innovation, our team discovered several key areas in which we could evolve to further meet our customers’ dynamic tastes and preferences, as well as to continue differentiating our company within the industry,” Royal Cup CEO Bill Smith says. “For us, rebranding goes far beyond reimagining our portfolio’s aesthetic representations. From procurement to manufacturing to distribution, we’ve optimised and streamlined our internal processes and operations to deliver the highest-quality product lines and equipment to the right customers at the right time. This is a game changer for Royal Cup, and for all those with whom we have the pleasure of doing business.” As each brand is rolled out, Royal Cup says it will work closely with its customers to leverage the strengths of its new product lines through informational campaigns, video trainings and other educational tools. “We conducted extensive consumer research and industry segmentation in more than 25 markets across the country, executed multiple rounds of customer intercept interviews and thoroughly vetted our channels before finalising a path forward,” Royal Cup Chief Marketing Officer Anne Pritz says. “Through this complex initiative, we collectively have come away with an even stronger sense of who we are as an organisation as well as how to best serve our valued customers, which is and always will be our primary goal.” Over the next several months, Royal Cup will sequentially introduce each of its four new brands to the market and begin product distribution throughout the US and Caribbean.

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