American Press goes live on IndieGoGo

A new handheld coffee brewer that uses the pressurised extraction of an espresso machine has just gone live on crowdfunding site, IndiGoGo (IGG). The American Press uses an enclosed reusable pod to contain the ground coffee and a double-wall Tritan carafe contains the hot water. As pressure is applied the water is forced through the pod and through its ultra-fine steel mesh basket filter. Its manual brew method allows for a high level of control over extraction. Founder of It’s American Press, and Creator of the American Press, Alex Albanese is looking to raise a total of US$30,000 in order to fund the first production run. Albanese's short-term goal of raising US$9000 in the first week was reached in just 26 hours. With the campaign currently sitting at US$15,244, since making its IGG debut on Tuesday, the American Press appears to be on the way to reaching its target. Albanese’s background is in physics, but he began working on the American Press as a graduate design student five years ago. “I noticed people bringing their French Press to class and to work and not cleaning them out and it seemed these press pots would have coffee grounds mashed in the bottom of them for days,” said Albanese. “It was clear to me that people didn’t much like cleaning them out and frankly neither did I – so I drew up a few sketches.” Albanese said his aim was to ‘create a coffee press without the mess’ and wound up spending his thesis year in the university’s machine shop fabricating the first models. After three initial prototypes, Alex enlisted the help of a team of design engineers to create a product design that was both visually appealing and practical to manufacture. “The reusable pod keeps mess contained, so the American Press is easier to clean than a French press and, unlike disposable pod-based brewers, it's eco-friendly, too,” said Albanese. “But the biggest difference is with the experience itself, watching water transform into coffee as you press.” Albanese said watching the transformation is a unique occurrence. “It’s a hands on experience which engages sight and touch in anticipation of the smell and taste of fresh brewed coffee,” said Albanese. “The coffee itself is clean and complex with aromas and flavours preserved.” If the IGG campaign is a success, Albanese’s friends and family intend to match the US$30,000 raised in order to see production underway.   To check out The American Press IGG campaign click here.

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