An awakened life with Trung Nguyen

The creation of great coffee is deeply ingrained in the culture of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The soul of the land, water and people, and above all an unwavering love and sacred faith in coffee, are all harmonised to produce a “universe in a cup of coffee”.

1. Soul of Land and Water from the land of legends

Although the birthplace of coffee is Ethiopia, and Brazil is a world-famous coffee exporter, it is Buon Ma Thuot, in the legendary Central Highlands of Vietnam, that produces some of the finest Robusta in the world and boasts a distinct culture and belief that results in flawless coffee.

Ancient Oriental philosophy frequently centres on the foundation of heaven, earth and humanity, which means every being transforms, proliferates and perishes within this unchanged circle.

At Trung Nguyen, we believe that coffee is no exception. The representatives of heaven and earth form the soul of this legendary highland. This encompasses fertile basalt soil stemming from the red magma of volcanic eruptions over the course of 160 million years, which absorbed the best nutrition to give every single coffee bean from Central Highlands a special vitality.

The pure stream of the Serepok River, containing within itself thick layers of rich alluvial soil, creates a smooth circulation that provides for the proliferation of coffee plants. All the best essences of the Central Highlands are filtered and harmonised to result in a Robusta coffee of a quality not found in any other place.

2. The Soul of People and Crafts with a passion for coffee

The local Ede people, who have descended from the Bronze Age Dong Son culture indigenous to the region, are people of unrivalled enthusiasm, diligence and vitality, with an insatiable passion for coffee. They believe in the divinity of coffee, treasuring coffee trees to promote the harmony of the land.

With an unquenchable passion for coffee and a near obsessive desire that enables stronger creativity, the experts of Trung Nguyen carefully select the best sources of supplementary coffee from throughout the world such as Jamaica, Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia to create the unique coffee tastes only found in Trung Nguyen and meet the diverse palates of our customers.

In particular, Trung Nguyen always strives to figure out distinct and hard-won traditional Asian grinding and roasting techniques. Rare herbs are selected by Trung Nguyen to enhance the final aroma of coffee.

Thanks to our superior qualities, Trung Nguyen coffee has cultivated a unique and captivating culture of coffee in foreign affairs and cultural events both inside and outside the country. Trung Nguyen coffee has been a gift from the Vietnamese government to heads of states, kings, politicians and ambassadors and was featured in global conferences such as the ASEM Summit, APEC, WEB and ASEAN conferences.

Trung Nguyen regards coffee as a brain food that helps each individual, organisation and community to produce creative and responsible ideas for sustainable success and happiness. We have been striving to create high quality coffee from the legendary Central Highlands with ancient secrets and the harmony of the “universe in a cup of coffee,” demonstrating the integration of humanity in nature and our sacred belief in the heavens in order to create a new, awakened lifestyle.

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