Anacafé and ACE launch third edition of One of a Kind Guatemala auction

One of a Kind Guatemala auction

The National Coffee Association of Guatemala (Anacafé) and Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) have launched the third edition of ‘One of a Kind Guatemala’ coffee auction.

With the goal of expanding market access for producers while showcasing Guatemala’s innovative nano and micro-lots, the One of a Kind auction, taking place on 3 August, will help to introduce lesser-known quality producers to the world.

“We understood that one of the coffee consumption trends is aimed at nano and micro lots of unique coffees, which have differentiated processes in their development. So for this auction, we have identified as an innovation process all practices carried out after the collection of the fruit, ending with a washed parchment coffee, honey or dried cherry (natural), which is made intentionally in order to develop complex or exotic flavors and aromas in the cup, produced in a natural biochemical way,” says Ana Lucrecia Glaesel, Marketing Coordinator of Anacafé.

This auction is open to producers registered in Anacafé, who have an exportable coffee lot of five to eight boxes of 30-kilograms. In the first phase of the auction, the best 20 coffees with more than 86 points will be selected and auctioned on 3 August at an opening price of US$5.50 per pound. The auction is expected to provide exceptional coffee producers with market access and prices well above those available in the international coffee market.

“The auction is a great opportunity to taste Guatemala’s little treasures. Producers make a really huge difference with experimental processes on traditional varietals, and this was a surprise as we cupped these coffees. We met some nice complexities and unique flavors at the cup profiles,” says Sed Penny Skordaki, QC Analyst and Sourcing Specialist from Roasters Kolektiva.

“The most important to us is that by taking these results from the traditional varietals, producers will continue cultivating these and not replace them with exotic varietals, making this is a part of Guatemalan coffees for the future.”

Sample sets are available for pre-sale at a $225 early bird price until 30 April, and all importers, coffee roasters and coffee shops are invited to participate as buyers in this exclusive auction.

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