Anfim launches the Luna professional grinder

Anfim Luna grinder

Anfim, a mainstay in traditional Italian grinders since 1932, discusses the launch of the Luna professional grinder, its environmental commitment, and the company’s first rebrand in decades.

Hospitality businesses have no shortage of coffee grinder manufacturers to partner with, but when it comes to combining the best of traditional Italian equipment, design, and culture with modern grinding technology, Hemro Group Chief Sales Officer Ziya Boro says Anfim is the brand to consider.

“We’re driven by evolution, and our latest product release — the Anfim Luna — reflects that our products and technologies have reached the next level and continue shaping the future,” Boro says.

The Luna grinder marks the beginning of Anfim’s new product portfolio that caters to commercial coffee professionals looking for best value performance in espresso grinding.

Traditionally, Boro says Hemro Group’s brand portfolio, including Mahlkönig, Ditting, and HeyCafé represent strong and powerful coffee grinders that lead market trends with cutting-edge technology. Anfim draws from its Italian origins to create commercial and reliable espresso grinders.

Designed and manufactured in Milan, Boro says Luna promises impressive speed and quality from its newly developed 65-millimetre premium hardened steel flat burrs, made in Germany. The grinder also includes a stepless and single-handed grind-size adjustment for fine-tuning dial-ins, making it an intuitive grinding experience for baristas.

“An innovative 3.5-inch touchscreen display with open interface for third-party content seamlessly guides the user through three programmable recipes and one manual mode. A ‘basic mode’ allows coffee shop owners, for example, to lock dosing settings via an owner control password,” he says.

“The basic mode only allows those with password access to change the grind settings, and a professional mode permits experienced baristas to set up the best recipe for different types of coffees. The basic mode takes the complexity out of grinding the beans when staff are less experienced and provides a consistent cup of coffee no matter who is using the machine.”

In combination with a modernised design and clever user-centric features, Boro says Luna brings a value proposition that is tough to beat.

“Luna can produce 1800 revolutions per minute and as much as 3.6 grams of ground coffee per second, or about one single espresso every 2.5 seconds and a double shot in five seconds,” he says.

The spout is also removable, allowing for easy cleaning and adjusting to ensure a centred dosing into the portafilter.

Boro says Anfim’s newest grinder is more than just “flashy tech”. It has the user in mind, specifically one running a high-volume café.

The Luna also incorporates “simple service access” to all frequently serviced parts that can be repaired or replaced without a complete grinder disassembly.

Luna is the first of Hemro Group’s grinders to be released below EUR$1000 (about US$1083). Boro says this is “quite an attractive price” for an on- demand grinder with a high level of innovation.

“We at Hemro Group have divided the market into three segments: premium, commercial, and entry-level. Being a market leader in the development of grinders, it’s our responsibility to provide innovation to all three segments. We feel that we have contributed significantly to the premium sector with novelties such as our grind- by-weight technology and are now focused on bringing innovation to the commercial and entry- level segments,” Boro says.

“Luna is a great starting point for boutique cafés with smaller equipment budgets that also require high-quality and consistent coffee.”

Boro says Hemro Group trialled the Luna grinder among 120 distributors in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region in January 2023, receiving positive feedback for its “competitive price and advanced technology”.

“We have had a long list of orders for Luna, which is really encouraging and validates that we’re listening to customer feedback when developing products,” he says.

The Anfim product portfolio features espresso grinders for a variety of performance requirements, from modest to fast-paced daily workloads and everything in between. The range of espresso grinders delivers the classic Italian experience for espresso service and enjoyment to baristas and coffee shops worldwide.

“Whether you’re on the hunt for a grinder with uncomplicated functionality and aroma-saving features that deliver the best flavours, or you’re looking for increased control with stepless grind adjustments and active cooling, our products are designed to empower baristas with tools they love to use,” Boro says.

Anfim’s grinders are also designed to meet consumer demands for more environmentally friendly packaging materials, in an effort to reduce environmental impact.

“We will no longer be using any Styrofoam in the inner tray of the Luna packaging. Instead, we have opted for an eco-friendlier alternative: recycled paper moulded pulp. This material is biodegradable, so it can be recycled at the end of its life. We believe that this change will have a positive impact on the environment, and we are proud to be taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint,” Boro says.

Hemro Group and Anfim integrate sustainability values through the entire grinder design journey.

“From selecting the right materials to minimising energy requirements, and maintaining a high standard of quality that prioritises long- term use, Hemro Group products are made to have as little impact on our planet as possible,” Boro says.

“We follow lean manufacturing principles, which is a production process that maximises productivity while simultaneously minimising waste. We also purchase locally made material to shorten transportation routes, appropriately dispose of waste materials, and are actively converting product packaging to recycled materials.”

Boro adds that all Hemro Group employees are encouraged to consider how their roles impact the environment as well.

“From applying modern technologies to expediting tasks to opting for video conferences over travel, our employees play an active role in our sustainability efforts,” he says.

To complement the next era of the Anfim brand and product line, Anfim has released a new brand identity characterised by its Italian heritage, warmth, and optimism.

“Anfim is evolving and becoming an important brand internationally when looking for trusted espresso grinders. We feel the new logo and brand identity is modern, strong, and memorable. It lives up to the hospitality and culture of the traditional cafés and baristas that surround our offices in Milan, truly representing the evolution of the brand,” Boro says.

Last year, Hemro Group expanded its production site to a new state-of-the-art Anfim factory, located 10 kilometres from the centre of Milan.

“The new production facility now houses our offices, factory floor and a beautiful showroom to showcase all Hemro brands,” Boro says.

The 2400-square-metre facility marks an important milestone for Hemro Group as it reacts to increased global demand for Anfim.

“This space will be a huge leap forwards for Anfim and will unlock exciting possibilities for the company and the team moving forwards,” says Boro.

“We are very excited about the new look, representing Anfim’s transformation from a local brand born in Milan into a global brand recognised by passionate baristas in over 60 countries. The new logo and brand identity speaks for future innovations to come.”

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This article was first published in the May/June 2023 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

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