Asian giants talk trade at World Tea & Coffee Expo

Liu Youfa, the Consul General of China expressed a desire to increase bilateral trade between India and China at the 2nd World Tea & Coffee Expo in Mumbai, India. “There is great scope for bilateral trade in the tea and coffee sectors between India and China as both the countries are big producers and consumers and both the Asian giants are witnessing significant lifestyle changes,” said Youfa, in a statement. The three-day expo showcased products, machinery and new technology from the coffee and tea sectors of India and a range of other countries. Around 40 Indian and foreign exhibitors participated in the expo, which attracted over 4100 business visitors. Saroja Sirisena, the Consulate General of Sri Lanka, said trade platforms such as the World Tea & Coffee Expo had the potential to make it easier for countries to do business. The Expo was held at Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. Dates for next year’s event will be announced soon.

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