ASIC announces keynote and industry day speakers

The Association for Science and Information on Coffee (ASIC) in collaboration with the Specialty Coffee Association, has announced the keynote and industry day speakers for its 2018 symposium on coffee science. Keynote speakers include Laurence Jassogne, Systems Agronomist at International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, speaking on Sustainability; Hans-Peter Landolt, Professor at the University of Zurich talking Consumption and Health; Jean-Xavier Guinard, Professor at UC Davis, speaking on Coffee Chemistry and Sensory Sciences; and Sam Smrke, Scientific Associate at the University of Zurich talking Roasted Coffee and Technology Processing. Industry Day speakers include Sarada Krishnan, Director of Horticulture and Center for Global Initiatives at Denver Botanic Gardens; Javier Enrique Morales Vargas, Anthropology Master Student at University of Costa Rica; Christophe Montagnon, Scientific Director of World Coffee Research; Christian Bunn, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists; David Browning, CEO of Enveritas; and Sam Lopane, Researcher at Clemson University. The conference, taking place from 16 to 20 September at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, United States, is the premier symposium on coffee science. Leading scientists will present on cutting-edge topics exploring the full spectrum of coffee science. Topics include farm management, roasted coffee technology and processing, biochemistry and biotechnology of green coffee consumption and health, plant pathology and protection, coffee chemistry and sensory sciences, sustainability, climate change, and plant science. Previously announced speakers include M. Catherine Time, Professor and Director of the Arthur and Kriebel Herbaria at Purdue University, speaking on plant pathology and protection; Dr Tomas Davidek of Nestlé Product Technology Centre Beverage talking coffee chemistry and sensory sciences; Astrid Nehlig, Research Director speaking on consumption and health; and Dr. Ronan Sulprice talking on plant science. For a keynote topic overview, click here. Participants will include hundreds of researchers, members of industry, students, and academics, all focused on sharing the most cutting-edge information and advanced coffee science in the world. ASIC is the only independent, non-profit organisation with a scientific mission devoted to the coffee tree, coffee bean and coffee drink. For more information, and to register attendance, visit

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