Astoria hosts Espresso Italiano Champion competition

The next stage of the Espresso Italiano Champion (EIC) competition will be held at the Astoria general headquarters in Susegana, Italy on 3 July. EIC is an international barista competition organised by the Italian National Espresso Institute (INEI) designed to promote Italian food and coffee. Competitors have 11 minutes to adjust the traditional grinder and prepare four espressos and four cappuccinos. “Astoria is a founding member of INEI and has always been committed to the promotion of baristas’ excellence and professionalism through specific contests. Now this new competition has been introduced to support the promotion of Italian style,” said Stefano Stecca, Commercial Director for Astoria, in a statement. Emilio Tufano won the first stage of the competition, which was held in Treviso, Italy in May. “EIC is a great opportunity to spread this culture and the Treviso selection was a success thanks in part to the positive atmosphere surrounding the competition,” said Paolo Nadalet, CEO for Wega Coffee Machines. Tufano and the winner from Susegana will compete against baristas from Italy, Korea, Japan and Taiwan in the Espresso Italiano Champion finals on 3 October in London.

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