Australian roasters showing strong interest in Indian Coffee

At this year’s Melbourne International Coffee Expo from 23 – 26 May, the Coffee Board of India will be leveraging the strengths of Indian coffees by showcasing prime grades of both Arabica and Robusta, highlighting top specialty coffee grades. The coffee board will be distributing brochures, literature, and DVD films. Visitors to the booth will be served high quality Indian coffee, to experience the richness of Indian coffee. Coffee Board of India Chairman Jawaid Akhtar says that Indian coffee has witnessed a promising performance in 2012-13, in terms of production and exports. “The favourable weather and relatively favourable coffee prices in recent years has encouraged growers towards better crop husbandry practices,” says Mr. Akhtar. Based on experience from last year, Mr. Akhtar says that Australian roasters have shown a strong interest in Indian washed Arabicas, washed Robustas and pulped sun dried coffees. He says Indian washed Arabicas are basically mild in nature, with sweet characteristics that can be used in roast and ground coffee, and also in espresso coffee. The Indian washed Arabicas are more balanced, without much sharp acidity or harshness. Indian Robustas are mainly washed Robustas with good body and softness. The washed Robustas are soft in the cup, and go well with filter and espresso coffee blends. In recent years, Mr. Akhtar says Indian coffee growers are exporting pulped natural coffees to Australia, with positive feedback from buyers on the coffee’s sweet characteristics. “The quality of Indian coffee is appreciated worldwide by roasters and traders,” says Mr. Akhtar. “Australian Roasters especially like Indian Washed Robustas which are soft and neutral.” Mr. Akhtar said that Australian roasters have recently showed an interest in pulped and sun dried coffees, which have a good body and positive fruity characteristics, give caramelised sweetness after roasting, and add a special taste to coffee blends. “Roasters and traders can buy all types and grades of coffees according to their requirements from India,” says Mr. Akhtar. The Coffee Board of India will be at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo from 23 – 26 May 2013 at booth #62, for details visit

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