Campos supplies Aussies’ coffee at Rio Olympics

The Olympic Village is doing everything it can to make Australia’s athletes feel at home during their stay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Edge, the Australian Olympic team’s official chill-out facility and meeting place, is stocked with Australian staple foods such as Vegemite and Cadbury chocolate, and coffee, of course. From 5 – 21 August, Campos Coffee has sent over two baristas to serve the Australian team their multi-award winning flagship Superior Blend at The Edge. Will Young, Founder of Campos Coffee, says our Olympic team should have nothing less than the finest coffee at their disposal. “To many Australians, great coffee is an intrinsic part of everyday life. It’s something we expect to have every morning, but something many of us are left wanting when we go overseas. That’s the last thing we want our Olympians to endure,” Will tells Australian coffee publication BeanScene. “We are thrilled and humbled to be in Rio to help make sure our team receives the best Australian coffee right when they need it most. Every edge counts and it is our distinct honour to be here and help in this capacity.” Earlier reports had “misreported” claims that there was no coffee within the Olympic Village in Rio. Coca-Cola, the official beverage sponsor of the Rio Olympics has since stated there are seven coffee machines provided by the Rio 2016 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (ROCOG) within the Olympic Village’s cafeteria, lounges and common areas. Responsible for keeping Australia’s athletes centered and energised are Campos Coffee Head Baristas Dan Audy and Stuart Mulhern. Dan and Stuart were selected for the prized spots as part of an internal competition. Each barista underwent a practical and written component to secure their place in Rio. “This a once in a lifetime opportunity. To be able to serve coffee to some of the world’s best athletes is a huge thrill. I’m hoping to get a behind the scenes view to some of the big moments over the two weeks,” Head Barista Dan Audy said. To ensure the coffee keeps consistent throughout the 16-day event, coffee grinders and machines were also transported from Australia. This includes two La Marzocco Linea white minis, which have seen be decorated with athlete’s signatures. Australia’s medal performances have faired well in the first week of competition, and while we’re sure it’s the result of years of hard work, sacrifices, determination and a lot of talent, Campos Coffee’s Will says he likes to think the Australian coffee is giving athletes the upper edge. “Our Olympic team inspires us. We coffee folk have a deep respect for those who devote themselves to excellence above everything else,” Campos Coffee’s Will said. “Working every day, day after day, week after week, year after year, willing yourself to improve – this is the life of a great barista, a great roaster, a great coffee farmer, and a great Olympian”. Images courtesy of Campos Coffee via Instagram.

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