Australia’s Sensory Lab opens cafés in Jakarta

Melbourne’s café takeover of Jakarta continues with the launch of Sensory Lab in two locations in May and June. After the sweeping success of the company’s flagship location, St Ali, which opened in Jakarta in 2015, Sensory Lab aims to offer up all that Melbourne’s coffee scene has to offer, with a regional touch to appeal to ex-pats and locals alike. The Jakarta cafés offer the two signature Sensory Lab coffee blends; Steadfast and Seamless, with the addition of two locally grown single origin coffees sourced from Aceh in Northern Sumatra and Toraja, Sulawesi. The beans are roasted at Common Grounds in Jakarta using the Sensory Lab roasting profile.

Sensory Lab’s Head of Coffee Quality and Training Michael Jasin says, “Indonesia has been growing coffee beans for a very long time, but until recently this has all gone to mass produced coffee. With the increased interest in local specialty coffee there is more investment and support for local farmers, so we are buying direct a far better product.” As part of the opening, award-winning barista and latte artist Shinsaku Fukayama travelled to Jakarta to train new staff in creating the perfect Melbourne coffee

Sensory Lab Co-owner Aston Utan said, “This journey has been overwhelming. Similar to when we launched St. Ali Jakarta; the reaction from the public was really good. People know the brand as part of the St. Ali family and they are excited to have excellent quality coffee and food in more areas in Jakarta.”
The new cafes aim to present an authentic Melbourne flavour, with interiors designed by local Jakarata firm, Assembly Design Office. The company plans to open more locations in Jakarta in the near future.

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