Barrie House Coffee Roasters launches rebrand with new product line

barrie house

Barrie House Coffee Roasters has launched a new product line and rebrand of its logo and packaging.

The new rebrand reflects Barrie House’s long legacy as a family-owned, third-generation, New York-based coffee roaster, which supports coffee farmers while paying tribute to the coffee cherry with its burgundy brand colour.

Barrie House says it constantly strives to inspire a great coffee-drinking experience and their delicious new product line does just that.

“What sets Barrie House apart is that we offer our premium line of Fair Trade Organic coffee at a great value, allowing the broader coffee drinking population to enjoy the best cup of coffee at a fair price,” says John C Fallon, Chief Marketing Officer of Barrie House Coffee Roasters.

“Our research shows that while many coffee drinkers support the idea of a Fair Trade and Organic coffee, the higher prices that usually come with these coffees tend to deter their purchase. We wanted to change that.”

Barrie House’s new product line offers a wide selection of coffees across three collections.

  • Estate Blends, the first collection to launch, offers Fair Trade Organic coffees, balanced and complex, developed for precise taste profiles using a variety of different beans.
  • The Signature Flavors collection, made with Fair Trade and organic coffees, offers smooth, mild coffees infused with an assortment of flavours that enhance the beans.
  • The Single Origins collection offers specialty Fair Trade Organic coffees that highlight the tastes and attributes unique to a specific country or region.

Barrie House is also introducing a Seasonal Flavors line of conventional coffees infused with the familiar flavours and aromas of fall and winter – including Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Apple Strudel, Peppermint Bark, and Winter Wonderland.

The new Barrie House coffees will be available in coffee bags as well as 10-count and 22-count single serve capsules that are Keurig 2.0 compatible.

The new Barrie House Fair Trade Organic product line will be available in select premium metro New York grocery and naturals retailers, along with a number of Sam’s Club locations in the Southeast. The new product line will also be available online at

“We truly believe that our new product line and branding reflects our mission to inspire a great coffee drinking experience, while conducting business in a manner that is socially and environmentally responsible,” says Craig M James, Chief Executive Officer of Barrie House Coffee Roasters.

“We hope everyone enjoys each and every cup just as much as we do.”

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