Bellwether Coffee launches low-cost electric shop roaster

Bellwether Coffee shop roaster

Bellwether Coffee has released a new shop roaster that it says costs less than the average espresso machine.

The American electric roaster manufacturer is on a mission to make roasting accessible to small setups that want to roast beans on-site, and this new product launch aims to enable retailers to serve fresh coffee while also reducing their carbon footprint and increasing revenue.

“The Bellwether Shop Roaster is ushering in the next wave of the micro-roastery movement by empowering all retailers to realise the promise and impact of electric on-site coffee roasting from farm-to-cup,” says Ricardo Lopez, Bellwether Coffee Founder and CEO.

“Our platform enables any business to reduce costs, grow revenues, and differentiate their brand with the added benefit of selling the most delicious and lowest-carbon coffee that supports living incomes for farmers. Because we’re lowering the barrier to entry to roast on-site, we’re allowing more retailers to deliver the freshest coffee for better taste.”

The compact, ventless commercial roaster is designed to fit into any retail space, and has the capacity to roast hundreds of pounds of coffee each week. The fully automated roaster is available as a countertop system or with a Continuous Roasting Upgrade. Both versions include access to the Bellwether Green Coffee Marketplace, which enables users to source quality beans via its international library of coffees and accompanying roast profiles.

Bellwether says the low-cost roaster was developed due to the rising global demand for electric roasters, in response to the industry’s increasing focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. According to Bellwether, gas-powered roasting produces 15 per cent of the industry’s carbon footprint. On average, the Bellwether Shop Roaster reduces the carbon footprint of a pound of coffee by 87 per cent.

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