Berlin Coffee Society to hold talk at Taste Festival 2012

German Cup Tasting Champion Cory Andreen will hold a talk on the taste potentials and qualities of coffee on 8 June as part of Berlin's Taste Festival 2012.  The Taste Festival runs from 1 – 6 June in Berlin, introducing outstanding designers, artists, food curators, chefs and producers. It takes place at Direktorenhaus, which is directly next to the river Spree, in front of Rolandufer and diagonally opposite the Nikolaiviertel. Andreen's talk will take place at the Berlin Coffee Society (BCS) Brew Bar, who will also be brewing up single-origin coffees with an old preparation method. The group will also be serving cascara, a coffee cherry tea.  Andreen is a member of the Berlin Coffee Society, a group founded in 2011 consisting of six independent coffee shops from Berlin, including Bonanza Coffee, Cafe CK, Doubleeye, Five Elephant, Godshot and No Fire No Glory.   The society's goal is to “inform interested guests about coffee, from growing on the farms in the producing countries, to the preparation methods in the coffee shops”.  

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