Best of Thailand CoE pilot program announced

Best of Thailand CoE

Cup of Excellence (CoE) and Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) have announced plans to launch a Best of Thailand CoE pilot program with the aim of having a full CoE Thailand soon.

The intention for the project, aligned with both nonprofits’ shared mission, is to reward and recognise coffee farmers. The pilot CoE competition will open opportunities for farmers to grow market access, earn higher premiums and expand global appreciation of Thai coffee.

“Cup of Excellence believes in the quality of the Thai coffee and is ready to show the world the outstanding coffee Thailand has to offer. We are excited to begin the COE process with this pilot program and believe in the continuation and growth of COE in Thailand,” says Managing Director for CoE, Gary Urrutia.

Over the past few months, ACE and CoE have been working with K.V.N. Import Export (1991) and Coffee Therapy to prepare the Thai pilot CoE program.

“Cup of Excellence gives an opportunity for the farmers to portray their exceptional coffee to the world while giving buyers around the world the opportunity to discover the exceptional coffee Thailand has to offer,” says Piyarat Prakobvanichkul of Coffee Therapy in Thailand.

According to ACE, Thailand’s coffee industry has been growing significantly during the last several years. Giving farmers opportunities through CoE competition will allow them to devote energy to cultivating coffee and improving processes for the best results possible. The CoE program in Thailand aims to put coffee farmers on a trajectory of sustainable specialty coffee cultivation to ultimately improve quality of life.

Thai coffee producers are submitting their coffees into the competition where a national jury will evaluate the submissions using the CoE competition protocol.

The top 30 coffees scoring 85 points or above will move to the international jury stage. The international jury stage will be held in Thailand, and they will select the top 15 coffees to be offered in the pilot program’s auction on 17 November 2022.

Sample sets are now available for pre-ordering. For more information, visit

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