Best of Thailand CoE pilot program celebrates 15 winners

Best of Thailand CoE

Cup of Excellence (CoE) and Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) have announced 15 winners for the Best of Thailand CoE pilot program.

The winning coffees represent four processes, eight varieties with lot sizes ranges from 60 to 150 kilograms. The winning coffees represent 11 regions in cluding Ngob, Mae Hee, Huai Chomphu, Bo Kluea Nuea, Mae Daet Noi, Huai Hom, Tha Ko, Mae Tuen, Mae Au Su, Ban Luang, Wawee.

The first-place winner was produced by Caleb Jor Dance with a washed Gesha that scored 92.82 points. This coffee was grown on Celeb Gem Forest Coffee Farm and boasts the highest altitude of the winning farmers, located at 1,570 meters.

“I’m more excited that this happened in my country than that I won first place. This is a big step for the Thai producers. We have been looking for this opportunity for so long and now finally this is happening and putting our country in the international markets is just amazing for us,” says Caleb Jor Dance.

With the goal of having a full CoE Thailand in the near future, the pilot program’s intention is to reward and recognise coffee farmers. The pilot CoE competition will open opportunities for farmers to grow market access, earn higher premiums and expand global appreciation of Thai coffee.

“This pilot program represents a sea change in our ongoing work in this area of the world of emerging coffee quality and producers who represent a quality change. Thailand holds so much promise and possibility. We’re delighted to be part of Thailand’s specialty coffee history,” says ACE & CoE Executive Director, Darrin Daniel.

A total of 100 farmers entered the competition with 65 coffees passing to the national stage. The national jury passed 30 coffees to be evaluated by an international panel who traveled to Thailand for the judging.

The 15 winning lots will be auctioned online on 17 November 2022. ACE is offering sample sets of the winning coffees until 1 November to purchase before the auctions.

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