BFC Galileo

The latest line from BFC follows modern trends, while staying true to the stylish design tailored to the barista. The Galileo is made entirely of stainless steel, with a new moulding technology that allows for a flexible design. The Galileo is available in two-groups with a 14-litre boiler, three-groups with a 21-litre boiler or four groups with a 27-litre boiler. It is available either as a semi-automatic machine, electronic or as a lever machine. This latest design presents two different units: the Galileo and Galileo’s Dialogue. The latter allows communication with all parts of the machine, detecting failures or malfunctions in real time, and simplifying its operation. The newest version is also available in TCI (temperature independent groups) with an electronic device already used in other previous models via a separate multi-boiler circuit. The Galileo comes equipped with several new accessories such as the lighting system, which can be applied under the groups to illuminate the dispensing area and on the lateral sides for aesthetic appeal. For more information visit:

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