Billy Goat Brands appoints Strother Simpson to advisory board

Strother Simpson

Billy Goat Brands (Goat), which is a platform focused on identifying, investing and supporting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) companies, has appointed cold-brew coffee expert Strother Simpson to its advisory board.

Simpson brings more than 30 years of experience in developing and formulating cold-brew coffee recipes which have revolutionised the cold-brew market.

Goat expects Simpson to help the company achieve rapid growth in the FunGuys Beverages’ line of Kold products, which Goat is providing capital and ongoing support to. The Kold range features organic chaga and lion’s mane mushrooms infused into cold-brew coffee, aimed at creating a more sustainable and healthy coffee ritual for customers.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome Simpson and his unmatched industry experience in the cold-brew coffee market to Goat’s advisory board,” says Tony Harris, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Goat.

“Simpson brings an incredible wealth of knowledge from his storied career of developing new products and ultimately revolutionising how people consume coffee today.”

Simpson is the Founder and Chief Food Scientist at Brew N Bottle, a custom brewing and bottling company. Here, he develops and produces beverage and liquid flavouring ingredients, from recipe conceptualisation, formulation, and prototype creation to finished product application.

According to Goat, he has played a key role in advancing the cold-brew coffee industry in North America, having worked with coffee producers such as Arizona Tea, Hershey, McDonald’s, Seattle’s Best, Starbucks, Wendy’s, and Whole Foods Market.

Simpson has also patented a process that extends the shelf life and quality of cold-brew coffee, coming from a family of cold-brew experts, including his father Toddy Simpson who discovered a process of cold-brewing coffee that reduced acidity found in coffee while delivering a smoother taste.

According to Technavio, by 2025, the cold brew coffee market is projected to grow to US $1.37 billion, at a growth rate of 26.45 per cent from 2021 to 2025. As demand for cold-brew coffee continues to grow, Goat believes that Simpson will be a strong asset, providing innovation and wisdom to the advisory board.

“We see a large opportunity to address a gap in the market for cold-brew coffee, most specifically with products that are both sustainable and promote good health,” says Harris.

“With Simpson on our advisory board, we will strive to make Goat’s bold vision for the Kold line of products to be a market leader a reality, while continuing to offer unique and ESG-driven investments like FunGuys Beverages through Goat to our shareholders.”

Goat, a Canadian-based venture, seeks these ESG companies in the categories of blue economy, functional foods, plant-based proteins, and nutraceuticals.

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