Blue Bottle Coffee announces roadmap to carbon neutrality

Blue Bottle Coffee has announced its roadmap to 2024 carbon neutrality, which aims to achieve a 20 per cent reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions intensity.

“As stewards of delicious coffee, the growing concerns of climate change challenge us to rethink the very essence of our coffee journey and how we do business,” says Blue Bottle CEO Karl Strovink. “The pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee will always be intertwined with the well-being of our planet.”

The commitment was first made in 2021 as a high-level greenhouse gas emissions estimate guided early action across the business.

This included the company’s oat milk default program in the United States in 2022, where Blue Bottle conducted a full life cycle assessment following ISO standards to calculate its baseline greenhouse gas emissions.

“Embracing sustainability isn’t just a choice,” says Strovink. “It’s imperative that Blue Bottle is part of the solution if we are to ensure the legacy of a delicious cup of coffee for generations to come.”

The company has designed its efforts to reach this target into three areas in its leading emissions categories:

  • Green Coffee: reducing risk of deforestation in green coffee sourcing.
  • Cafe Operations: promoting plant-based milk consumption.
  • Overheads: reducing commuting frequency.

“Our commitment to reimagining how we do business is a reflection of our dedication to the environment, our guests, and the rich experience of savouring every sip,” Strovink says.

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