Blue Bottle Coffee introduces Craft Instant Espresso

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee has announced its latest innovation, Craft Instant Coffee Espresso for the at-home market.

“We were never sure we’d crack the code on instant anything at Blue Bottle Coffee, but through curiosity, imagination and tireless effort, we’ve crafted a product that meets our high standards,” says Karl Strovink, CEO of Blue Bottle Coffee.

“Our Craft Instant Espresso is the result of three years of dedication to craftsmanship, quality and the unwavering commitment to help lead the future of specialty coffee.”

Blue Bottle focused on two key processes to make its instant espresso, extraction and drying. Taking a gentle approach to extracting by using milder temperatures and pressure, and treating the coffee more delicately, the quality of the output improved. Blue Bottle also lengthened the freeze-drying process, which results in a higher quality product and ultimately a better-tasting cup.

“Our goal is to always treat coffee as gently as possible to avoid over-extraction in order to maintain a pure coffee flavour and aroma,” says Benjamin Brewer, Blue Bottle Senior Director, Global Innovation and Quality.

In developing Craft Instant Espresso, Blue Bottle set out to provide guests with a simple and convenient way to craft quality iced lattes, one of the brand’s most popular cafe drinks, at home with just milk and a spoon.

“Throughout my many years with Blue Bottle, we’ve been on a quest to craft the best cup and we poured our hearts into developing our process for instant coffee. Our instant espresso makes an iced latte we’d be proud to serve in our cafes,” says Brewer.

Blue Bottle’s Craft Instant Espresso will be available in two formats. From 7 November guests can purchase a 12-serving jar for $25. A package of five pre-portioned single-serve sachets will be available from 28 November for $15.

Both options can be purchased online. Guests visiting Blue Bottle Coffee’s United States cafés on 7 November will have the opportunity to sample Craft Instant Espresso.

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