Blue Bottle Coffee to offer immersive coffee experience in LA

blue bottle coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee will open an immersive coffee experience in Los Angeles for a limited six-week residency.

Starting Wednesday 27 September and running until Sunday 5 November, the residency will see guests experience coffees and culinary items that are unavailable at any other Blue Bottle location for 60 to 90 minutes through a curated eight-course tasting menu.

“The Studio is our answer to this question: How hard can we work to reveal the essential nature of an extraordinary coffee and present it to a handful of guests in a modest room?” says Blue Bottle Founder James Freeman.

The menu will include some of the most expressive and limited batches of coffee in the world from long-time Blue Bottle producers.

Blue Bottle will also offer two dessert pairings created by pastry chef Kiyoshi Tsukamoto to work in harmony with the coffee service.

The space for the residency is designed in collaboration with wrk-shp and Capsule Manufacturing and features a custom-made brass bar and vintage furniture which can be loaded up into a truck at the end of the residency and used in the next location.

The space will also feature curtains dyed using various blends of Blue Bottle coffee beans designed by Lookout & Wonderland.

To learn more about the experience, click here.

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