Brambati KL 600 FA F1

The Brambati KL 600 FA F1 grinder includes several innovative features that make the machine a leader in its sector. The temperature of the coffee being ground remains under 30°C, maintaining the aroma. The grinder is predisposed for inert atmosphere, preserving the organoleptic characteristic of the coffee, and minimising loss of aroma and product oxidation. The machine conserves energy while grinding beans, requiring approximately 75 per cent less energy to run than traditional grinders. Because the grinding rolls are made with a hard alloy, suitable for food contact, they can exceed 10,000 hours of operation. The rolls have independent rotation speeds, allowing for a huge range of grain variations and coffee density, suitable for any kind of coffee production. All of the internal parts are accessible for cleaning, ensuring maximum hygiene. For more information, visit:

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