Brazil 2015 crop not looking great: Coffidential

Smaller branch growth from this year’s weather problems in Brazil will lead to a smaller than average crop in 2015, Carlos Brando of undefined

P&A Marketing wrote in the latest Coffidential.

“Assuming that rainfall will be normal from now on and the flowers develop into full cherries, it is already possible to state that the 2015 crop will be smaller than average because there will be fewer cherries due to smaller branch growth,” he wrote in a commentary released on 11 November. “There was not enough cherry-bearing branch growth and there is not enough branch length or internodes, which is where flowers and cherries develop.”

He said that flowering, not followed by enough rain to make flowers develop into cherries, did occur in some regions leading to further losses. He says recent flowerings followed by rain may compensate these losses but not in all regions.

“Those who insist on a 2015 crop that is substantially higher than the one in 2014 are ignoring that the 2015 crop potential is already impaired by the factors mentioned before – insufficient branch growth primarily but lost flowering too – and they are therefore establishing a higher potential or ceiling than should be expected,” he says.

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