Brazil Cup of Excellence auction makes 10 per cent gains on 2013

The winning coffees from the 2014 Cup of Excellence Brazil Late Harvest competition were auctioned on 6 March, fetching an average of US$6.76 per pound – a 10 per cent gain over the 2013 average of US$6.15. The top lots sold were: • Nossa Senhora Aparecida (lot 1), by farmer Cinthia Dias Villela to Maruyama Coffee and Café Maple of Japan at US$15.60 per pound;
• Fazenda Rainha (lot 13), from Fazenda Sertãozinho LTDA to Campos Coffee of Australia at US$9.80 per pound;
• and Fazenda Paraíso (lot 2), by farmer Antônio Fortes Bustamante to GSC International of Korea at US$8.50 per pound. In all, proceeds from the sale of twenty-three lots raised over more than US$302,000, 80 per cent of which is paid directly to the winning farmers after infrastructure costs. The Late Harvest competition is one of two Cup of Excellence events held in Brazil each year and features Brazil’s exceptional dry natural processed coffees.  An Early Harvest competition highlights pulped natural and washed coffees.  Both events are made possible with the support of ApexBrasil, the Brazilian trade and investment promotion agency.

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