Brazil joins the Fairtrade movement

Brazil became the 26th country to establish a national Fairtrade chapter with the launch of Fairtrade Brasil last week. Fairtrade International said the Brazil branch was established to develop a local market for the 39 Fairtrade certified producer organisations in Brazil, which includes around 25,000 farmers.

“We are thrilled that Brazilian shoppers can now buy Fairtrade products,” said Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive of Fairtrade International, in a statement. “This exciting new initiative offers them the opportunity to be part of the solution – and most importantly, deepens impact for farmers and workers by opening up local markets.” Fairtrade Brasil is the latest organisation working to grow the market for Fairtrade products at origin, following the launch of national Fairtrade organisations in Kenya and India in 2013.

“Today, in Brazil, we have about 40 Fairtrade certified cooperatives. These products, however, are mostly used for export,” said Naji Harb, President of Fairtrade Brasil. “The launch of Fairtrade Brasil will reduce the dependence on the international market and open up the Brazilian and South American market as an alternative, avoiding language barriers and exchange rate changes.” Fairtrade producers in Minas Gerais can already see their coffee on supermarket shelves in the form of the Café familiar da Terra’s range. Photo caption: Audrei Cavalho Suarez from Coopfam cooperative, Brazil. Photo credit: Didier Gentilhomme / Fairtrade International

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