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Brazil presents candidate for ICO Executive Board


The federal government has presented Vanusia Nogueira as Brazil’s candidate for Executive Director of the International Coffee Organization (ICO).

The candidate was presented at Itamaraty Palace, headquarters of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Brasilia, the federal capital, to ambassadors from 37 coffee producing and consuming countries.

Nogueira, the Executive Director of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), was grateful for the vote of confidence, which was unanimous among the Brazilian public and private sectors in support of her candidacy and, in her speech, shared coffee cultivations global challenges and her personal values.

“The current times require profound reflections regarding topics very dear to society, such as climate change, gender equality, inclusiveness, dignified life, the inclusion of youth in the production chain and succession in all links of the chain,” she says.

Nogueira says that there are many complex issues that need to be cooperatively addressed among countries and with the involvement of international organizations.

“I don’t believe in magic solutions, but I do believe in the force of work and the desire to make a difference and do well,” she says.

“And, as many have heard me say over and over, I believe in challenges and opportunities, and this is how we intend to work if we make it to the ICO,” adds the Brazilian candidate.

The Brazilian government calls Nogueira a true coffee expert, born and raised in Minas Gerais, the largest Brazilian producing state of the bean with an estimated production of 33.46 million 60kg bags.

She is the daughter and granddaughter of coffee producers and traders, has a PhD in Administration, in addition to numerous international specialization courses completed in the United States, Germany, and Brazil.

She is also a board member of Rainforest Alliance and Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE).

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