Brazil rains lead to concerns over crop quality

Heavy rain in Brazil is leading to increasing concerns over crop quality, Volcafe reported on 22 June in an internal report. The weekly bulletin noted that one weather service reported as much rain in one day than the normal rainfall average for the entire month of June. “It seems that even in enso-neutral conditions (no la niña, no el niño), the weather can come and throw a spanner in the works,” Volcafe stated. “It is predicted that el niño will he next on the cards, in the next six months. We haven’t seen this old friend since 2009-2010.” Recent rain led to concerns not only on crop quality, but of a delay in making the crop shipment ready. Volcafe noted that Brazil fine cup offered differentials tightened accordingly. The report also said that another federal customs strike was announced for the following week, which might cause minor logistic delays. June shipments have generally been reported as slow, at just 1.4 million bags, and Volcafe noted it will be difficult to reach the 2 million bag mark this month.

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