Brazil set to host second World Coffee Producers Forum

Brazil will host the second edition of the World Coffee Producers Forum (WCPF) from 10 to 11 July, 2019, at the Royal Palm Plaza Resort, in Campinas, São Paulo. The second WCPF will continue efforts and consider the actions necessary to solve scenarios that compromise the future supply of coffee. The forum invites the entire coffee production chain to the event with the purpose of acting jointly and co-responsibly. “Brazil, as the largest coffee producer [in the world], is very proud to host the second WCPF. The whole chain, from the farm to the cup, will continue addressing the many challenges that coffee production faces, which can only be done through constructive cooperation of all the links,” says Silas Brasileiro, from the National Coffee Council of Brazil. During the WCPF, Professor Jeffrey D Sachs will present a WCPF-commissioned study he directed with the Columbia Center on Sustainable Development, titled Economic and Policy Analysis for Improving Smallholder Coffee Producers’ Incomes. “The first WCPF in Colombia raised the awareness and interest of all coffee stakeholders in ensuring the economic sustainability of coffee farmers all over the world and finding ways to have a sustainable value chain, from the farm to the cup. The second forum will bring this dialogue to the next level,” says Juan Esteban Orduz of the Colombian Coffee Federation. WCPF organisers say the global coffee production sector comprises 25 million families, who cultivate an immense quantity of varieties of the fruit and create drinks that satisfy the most diverse palates around the world. Facing a reality of great challenges, among them economic sustainability of farmers, productivity levels in the fields, price volatility in international markets, increased demand of more than 50 million bags in the next 10 to 15 years and climatic adversity, the coffee nations will discuss topics of common interest, such as income of coffee growers, social and environmental matters, climate, and economic sustainability. In the coming weeks, the WCPF website will be updated with the preliminary outline of the program with the speakers and panellists, and when registration will be open.

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