Brazil to host 2012 International Conference of Coffea Conephora

The capital city of Espírito Santo state, Vitória Brazil, will host the 2012 International Conference of Coffee Conephora (ICCC) from 11 – 15 June. This year’s annual conference will be held at the Vitória Convention Center and is themed: One hundred years of history and evolution of Conilon in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. Industry professionals, farmers and coffee enthusiasts will listen to international guest speakers discuss current issues surrounding the future of the Coffea canephora industry. Some of the topics to be discussed and debated over the four-day event include research, product development, market competitiveness and sustainable market growth initiatives. The state of Espírito Santo has become Brazil’s largest producer of the Coffea canephora specie since its introduction 100 years ago.  Commercially cultivated in the state for 40 years, production exports have increased from 400,000 bags per year to 8.5 million bags in 2011. Brazil expects a record 13 – 15 million bags of Coffea canephora to be produced this year.

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