Breville launches new e-commerce platform


Global equipment manufacturer Breville has announced the launch of, an e-commerce platform that provides a new digital destination to explore, learn, purchase, and subscribe to freshly-roasted coffee from 50 curated specialty coffee roasters.

The platform is designed to complement its espresso and coffee product portfolio and provide easy access to top tier roasters.

“Part of our commitment to providing the best specialty coffee home experience is making sure we have the best roasters as partners on,” says General Manager Ziv Shalev.

“We are launching to deliver the freshest, highest quality beans coupled with the level of customer care and expertise our customers have come to expect from the global Breville brand.”

The new platform, first to launch in the United States and United Kingdom with other markets to follow, is designed for consumer-facing discovery and education.

“Our customers are relying on the fact that we know the fundamentals for delivering a true specialty coffee experience at home and the launch of not only reinforces our promise to deliver on this, it also is a foundational step forward to becoming a more solution-orientated company,” says Breville CEO Jim Clayton.

Key roaster partners in the US at launch include Onyx Coffee Lab, Klatch Coffee, Equator, and Olympia Coffee Roasters.

“By partnering with these outstanding roasters, we are able to support the specialty coffee community across America and the UK, the coffee farmers who supply them, and help our customers find the right beans for their taste and machine,” Clayton says.

Through, Breville aims to provide complete solutions to its customers with a total turnkey at-home coffee experience.

With more than 200 coffee options and roast profiles available, the platform offers dedicated expert advice, guidance on different roasts, and tips on how to bring out the best tasting coffee right from the first brew.

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