Brita Professional’s Purity C water filter

The Brita range of Purity C water filters has been specially developed for use in the coffee industry to ensure both the machine and the coffee are at their very best. Brita’s ion exchange technology reduces the carbonate hardness and heavy metals found in water, helping to minimise servicing and costly breakdowns of equipment. Activated carbon removes 100 per cent of the chlorine, ensuring there is no taste, colour or odour in the water. Purity C uses four stage filtration for the removal of TDS while the unique blending key allows cafés to blend water to specific coffee requirements, ensuring coffee has the full taste and aroma customers demand. Brita Purity C is designed with coffee in mind. For more information or to find your nearest stockist please contact Brita via email or phone +61 (02) 9486 4227

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