British Liver Trust gives coffee big tick

A new study that collates the findings of a wide range of existing research into coffee’s effect on the liver has found that coffee consumption could be beneficial. The study, which was published by the British Liver Trust collates the latest research on the potential benefits and detriments for liver health of drinking coffee. The study found that drinking moderate amounts of coffee may help to reduce the risk of liver cancer, and the risk of developing liver cancer falls as coffee consumption rises. It also found links between coffee consumption and a range of other health benefits. The report states that moderate coffee consumption may also be related to a slower progression of chronic liver disease. Patients who consumed a higher quantity of coffee have been found to display a milder course of fibrosis, especially in those with alcohol related liver disease. It also found that patients with Hepatitis C who have a higher consumption of coffee have a lower rate of disease progression than those who drink less coffee and that coffee consumption is not associated with gastrointestinal dysfunction.

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