Buencafé 100% Colombian coffee oil

coffee oil

Buencafé prides itself on innovation. Always striving for improvement, it has just launched a 100 per cent pure coffee oil, made from freshly roasted Colombian coffee beans.

It is made through mechanical methods – extrusion and filtration – without additives or chemicals. Its flavour and pleasant smell are characteristic of roasted, natural, mild coffee. 

Thanks to its composition of fatty acids, mainly palmitic and linoleic ones, this coffee oil finds great uses in cosmetic products, such as scents, perfumes, and fragrances. For its emollient properties, it also has important applications in skin and hair care products, including sunscreens. 

It is provided in a practical plastic jerry can with screw cap for hermetic closing, and its shelf life is six months at a room temperature of 25°C.

Buencafé is property of Colombian coffee growers, in whom it reinvests all its profits to improve their living conditions.

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