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Buencafé GM Cristina Madriñan on evolution in 2021

Cristina Madriñan

While 2020 proved no crystal ball is accurate, GCR invited industry leaders to share their hopes, ambitions, and predictions for 2021, in what is likely to be a defining year for the international coffee market.

The world is in continuous evolution. Today’s challenges invite us to strengthen a flexible and adaptable growth mindset and a determined will to act for the good of humankind.

Values such as empathy, solidarity and organisational resilience are put at the top of the business agendas. Nothing different happens in the coffee industry. Our energy is focused on capitalising on the enormous learnings of a challenging year. We analyse changing dynamics and future-bearing events to keep up with a permanently evolving market’s requirements.

The following are some global trends I believe will make an impact in 2021.

Consumption place has changed: Remote work will continue and therefore increasing coffee consumption at home, which, along with a search for emotional and functional attributes, opens up immense possibilities for soluble coffee. People are experimenting with new, increasingly premium products. In line with the search for better quality, Buencafé launched a new line of products made through its Sensoria by Buencafé technology, which preserves the most delicate flavour and aroma of fresh Colombian coffee, without losing the convenience of an instant.

E-commerce: The pandemic decisively accelerated the use of digital platforms and e-commerce We have launched an ambitious digital transformation to be a customer-focused company. We decisively promote continuous innovation processes in order to be at the forefront. In 2021 online sales will continue reaching new devotees, and the industry must get ready and transform rapidly.

Evolution and growth of private labels: Private labels have reinvented themselves during the pandemic and shown competitive strength. Private labels are one of Buencafé’s main businesses, and we support our customers by offering timely delivery and availability of all our installed capacity. In 2021, we will continue strengthening innovation in labels, packaging and products.

Conscious consumption: Consumers are increasingly conscious, responsible, and interested in sustainability and traceability.

Our highest purpose is: Living optimism as a transformation force to create sustainable value in the coffee world. It will continue as our business strategy compass. Buencafé is a non-profit company whose earnings are 100 per cent reinvested in Colombian coffee growers. This makes us feel very proud. Pursuing a permanent balance of the economic, social and environmental dimensions, and leaving a positive mark, is our greatest daily motivation.

Written by Cristina Madriñan, General Manager of Buencafé.

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