Buhler InfinityRoast

Buhler has released the InfinityRoast, an innovation in roasting technology that provides unprecedented control over flavours. The newly designed roasting chamber can operate efficiently at a low or high air-to-bean ratio. The advanced process control systems enable any traditional, as well as innovative non-traditional, roasting profiles. Operators can adjust the time-temperature pathway and air-to-bean ratio in order to master aroma formation and the micro-structure changes in the bean. The Infinity Profile Control system can precisely reproduce roasting profiles to ensure consistent high-quality coffee products. The system can accommodate for fluctuations in initial green bean moisture, interruption of production and frequent recipe changes. The high-performance profile control automatically regulates the energy input into the roasting chamber to ensure consistent and optimum heat transfer. The round-bed cooler ensures efficient and uniform cooling of the beans. The InfinityRoast series is designed for high-performance operations, offering temperature surveillance, emergency water systems, full automation and situation-adapted safety concept including online Carbon Dioxide monitoring. For more information visit

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