Bulletproof launches FATwater

The CEO of Bulletproof Coffee Dave Aspey has launched an oil and water hydration drink, FATwater. The leader of the hugely successful coffee and butter movement has created a beverage, which contains water and medium chain triglyceride oils. “If you’re wondering, the answer is yes, oil and water do mix,” said Asprey. “People have rejected the low-fat dogma of the 1980’s because it doesn’t work.” Aspey said he is planning to disrupt the health industry, which has previously been addicted to sugary drinks. “FATwater leverages the power of fat from coconuts to drive hydration in a new way,” said Aspey. FATwater is currently available in the flagship Bulletproof Coffee café in Santa Monica, United States. Aspey opened the coffee shop in California at the start of the year, selling coffee with grass-fed butter and fatty acids. Asprey claims the coffee makes you smarter, helps you loose weight and improves cognitive function. The FATwater launch has coincided with the announcement that Bulletproof has raised US$9 million from Trinity Ventures—an early Starbucks investor – to further expand the business.

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