Bunn releases domestic Trifecta machine

Bunn-O-Matic Corporation announced on 5 December the launch of a domestic version of its famous Trifecta brewing device. The domestic Trifecta will feature the same technology for coffee and tea brewing as the patented Air Infusion features found in Bunn’s commercial Trifecta machine. This home brewer features 25 adjustable brew settings that allow consumers to explore the taste profiles unique to each coffee and tea origin.  “Trifecta defines state-of-the-art home brewing innovation,” said Aimee Markelz Tracy, Senior Vice President, Bunn, in a statement. “This revolutionary brewer is not an extension or variation of any of our previous home models, and represents a quantum leap in home brewing technology not found anywhere in the market.” Tracy added that Bunn’s new domestic Trifecta is the first machine equipped with settings specifically engineered to unlock unique tasting notes specific to individual coffee and tea origins producing deep, noticeable changes in every cup. “[The device leverages] 25 unique settings to bring out the very best flavour based on coffee’s distinct origin, representing an entirely new concept for home brewing that encourages simple, but highly personalised flavour and taste refinement of specialty coffees,” said Tracy. The Trifecta features five adjustable Turbulence Cycle and five Infusion Time controls, as well as 25 unique brew setting combinations. It enables adjustment for perceived acidity, sweetness, earthy flavours, and extraction level. The coffee or tea is pressed through a fine-gauge, permanent metal filter, preserving oils and aromatics. It is able to brew in small batches, from 6 to 12 ounces at a time.

The device currently retails for US$549 direct from Bunn and is available at  

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